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Dongguan Huixinpu Circuit Co. Ltd, a rigid printed circuit board (PCB) factory, was founded in 2011. Our facility based in Guangdong, China, was installed in with brand new up-to-date equipments. We established professional management team and employed experienced engineers & workers.

Though originally we were domestically oriented, we have set our goals to explore the global PCB market. In 2012, our product was UL certified. In 2013, our quality management system was ISO certified. In the same year, we set up overseas sales team. Since then, we have serviced customers in the United States, Canada, United Kindom, Ireland, Spain, Singapore, Malaysia & some other countries.
We have been consistently excelling in Customer Service, Communication, Quality, Capabilities, Technical Support and Logistics. Our product range includes single sided PCB, double sided PCB & multi layer PCB. Our services include quick turn, prototype & volume production. In 2015, we are working on to include in our services with printed circuit board assembly.

Why HXP Circuit
1 - Competitive Prices:
HXP Circuit is a China-based PCB factory.
Cost increased by traders is saved.
2 - Excellent Quality:
HXP Circuit is UL & ISO9001:2008 certified.
Quality is guaranteed by certified quality management system.
Quick turn, prototype & volume production orders are fabricated in the same 3,000 square meters facility.
3 - Reliable Delivery:
HXP Circuit runs two shifts on a seven day week (except for public holidays). Turn around is fast, flexible & on time.
4 - Professional Support:
HXP Circuit has a knowledgeable & experienced crew.
5 - Unparalleled Customer Service:
No minimum order quantity (MOQ) required.
RFQs are replied within one working day.
Order status can be obtained easily.
After sales service available.
The following are a few of our strengths
Ability to produce quick turn, prototypes, mid-range and high-volume
Up to 30 layer multi-layers
Heavy copper substrates
High frequency substrates
Peelable mask
Carbon print
Castellated hole
Pad on via technology
Blind & buried via
Edge plating
Hard gold plated fingers
Controlled impedance
We invite you to send us an RFQ and challenge us.

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